Double Volley: IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 and TeamCity 1.0

We are proud to announce the release of IntelliJ IDEA version 6.0!
The new version of IntelliJ IDEA comes with a great number of new features and embedded tools, to support developers that specialize in different Java-related development aspects and help them become more productive and successful than ever.

Key highlights of 6.0 release:

  • Enterprise & Web Development with brand new support for EJB 3.0, Struts, GWT, AJAX and improved features for HTML/CSS, XML, JSP, and JSF development.
  • Enhanced Swing GUI Designer with support of different layout managers and many new usability features.
  • Team Work Facilitation through integration with TeamCity, new IDE intependent JetBrains product for continuous cycle software development.
  • Tons of Other New Features & Enhancements including extended Code Coverage, VCS changelists management, and muchmore.

Read the complete list of the new features to fully satisfy your curiosity.

Also, being no lesser proud, we are glad to tell you that TeamCity version 1.0 is out now!

TeamCity is an innovative, IDE independent, integrated team environment targeted for .NET and Java software developers and their managers. It automates and coordinates key collaborative processes, providing tight integration with multiple build and test tools, real-time unit test frequency, server-side inspections and code coverage analysis.

Read the complete story of all TeamCity features

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3 Responses to Double Volley: IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 and TeamCity 1.0

  1. Avatar

    Goldin Evgeny says:

    October 2, 2006

    Congratulations !

  2. Avatar

    stlum9495 says:

    October 5, 2006

    I love your stuff, IDEA, Omea etc. but 6.0 isn’t ready. I’ve already submitted a couple of bugs to the JIRA…but I couldn’t believe this one once I realized it.

    I can no longer create a Run / Debug Configuration via the Context menu! It’s especially annoying while unit testing….

  3. Avatar

    SKelvin says:

    November 10, 2006

    stlum9495, to be fair you should have posted here that is was a problem with an outdated plugin, so not at all IntelliJ IDEA fault.

    Of course, IntelliJ IDEA could have indicated that by showing the exception and showing that it comes from the plugin.
    (IMHO the exception notification from the EAP builds should be enabled for the released version also.)

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