Internationalizing GWT Applications with IntelliJ IDEA

Upcoming version of IntelliJ IDEA features improved GWT support. Internationalization (i18n) of GWT application was made easier than ever.
IntelliJ IDEA leverages GWT i18n support through all of its productivity-enhancing features:

  • Convenient navigation through property files and references.
    GWT property file navigation

    Click the icon at the property reference to open the corresponding property file.
    Plus, the Go to implementation action lets you jump to referenced properties directly from code.
    GWT goto implementation

  • Dedicated inspections that spot disrepancies between property files and interfaces.
    GWT inspection

  • Intelligent quick-fixes that let you instantly create missing methods and properties.
    GWT quick fixes

  • I18n-aware refactorings let you conveniently change property, interface and property file names.

The latest builds of IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 where this feature is available, can be obtained through the IntelliJ IDEA EAP. The official release is scheduled to the October, 30, 2006.

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