IntelliJ IDEA Feedback Wanted

As you might have noticed, IntelliJ IDEA contains tons of various features. Now JetBrains wants your feedback to find out what product features you are using more intensively than others, which ones of them are used not so frequently and those that maybe are never used. The aim of this little survey is to make IntelliJ IDEA even more productive and friendly to use.

IntelliJ IDEA includes the built-in statistics engine that gathers information about product features you are using in your everyday work (you can view this information from the Help menu, Productivity Guide). The statistics is also stored in the feature.usage.statistics.xml file. This file can be found:

  • Windows systems: %userprofile%.IntelliJIDEAxxconfigoptions
  • *NIX systems: home/.IntelliJIDEAxx/config/options
  • Macintosh systems: ~/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIDEAxx/options/

Note that xx is the IntelliJ IDEA version number you are using.

Please find a couple of minutes, locate this file and email it to with Features Statistics in the subject.

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