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Boosting IntelliJ IDEA Performance on Windows Systems

If you are running a Windows machine with NTFS disks, there is a good chance to double the performance of IntelliJ IDEA by optimizing the MFT tables, disk folder structure and Windows paging file.
We have used the Diskeeper, 2007 Pro Trial version tool to carry out the following procedure. You may of course, repeat this with your favorite defragmenter, provided it supports equivalent functionality.

  1. Free about 25% space on the drive you are optimizing.
  2. Turn off any real-time antivirus protection and reboot your system.
  3. Defragment files.
  4. Defragment MFT (Do a Frag Shield, if you are using Diskeeper). Note that this is quite lenghty process which also requires your machine to reboot several times.
  5. Defragment the folder structure (perform the Directory consolidation).
  6. Defragment the Windows paging file.

The above optimizations have positive impact not only on IntelliJ IDEA, but on general system performance as well.

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