Early Access Program for TeamCity 1.2 and Agra (1.5) is open

We are glad to launch the long-awaited early access program for the next versions of TeamCity, namely 1.2 and Agra (a codename of 1.5 version).

The nearest minor release (1.2) is mostly aimed at supporting the continuous integration process of .NET platform developers and already provides:

  • integration with Visual Studio and possibility to open the stacktraces of failed tests when you click the link of failed test in the web
  • support of Visual SourceSafe 2005 and 6.0 to manage your source files revisions

Please note, in this EAP you will need to have VSIP (Visual Studio Industry Partner) SDK to use Visual Studio add-in for TeamCity (available at Microsoft web site for free). Please visit for details. Surely, this will be fixed in the next EAP and release version.

The Agra version is aimed at improving TeamCity in almost all aspects:

  • Web Administration:
    • enhancements of agent properties management
    • dependent builds triggering
    • project cloning
    • checkout on build agent
  • Version Control Systems:
    • ClearCase support
  • Build runners:
    • a Build Runner for searching the code duplicates
    • Improved Maven 2 support
    • Ant 1.7 support
  • Usability enhancements:
    • viewing the file changes (diff) on the web (already implemented)
    • enhanced and more flexible notification rules
    • customizable build log filtering
  • Integration with IDEs:
    • Eclipse integration
    • Microsoft Visual Studio integration enhancements

In the Agra version we also plan to support Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System – one more good news for .NET platform developers.

TeamCity 1.2 and Agra EAP page:
Changes page:

Download for stable 1.2 EAP:

Download for richer Agra EAP:

We look forward for your comments and suggestions.

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