Power Tools Polls: IntelliJ IDEA & TeamCity

Two interesting polls include IntelliJ IDEA and TeamCity among the tools surveyed for John Ferguson Smart’s upcoming book, Java Power Tools.

In the poll for code quality, IntelliJ IDEA currently has the highest rating, likely due to its powerful and easy-to-use static code analysis features, including over 600 code inspections, built-in code coverage analysis, and dependency analysis.

TeamCity was only recently added to the continuous integration poll, so it’s a bit low on votes at the moment. Originally, the poll had only open source tools, but Smart added some commercial offerings because of the rapidly changing landscape of the continuous integration server market, which I talked about in a recent idea.log post. TeamCity represents a new generation of CI servers due to its attention to the problems of broken-build syndrome, when a broken build causes the whole team’s productivity to drop. TeamCity tackles broken-build syndrome and much more. Are you already doing test-driven development and interested in increasing team productivity? You may want to check out TeamCity.

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