TeamCity 2.0 Beta Released!

The long-awaited TeamCity 2.0 beta is finally available!

We have prepared a short overview of new TeamCity features concerning both user interface enhancements and server and projects setup possibilities.

We also urge you to have a look at multiple improvements we have made for IntelliJ IDEA plugin, in particular:

  • new interface for monitoring the status of your changes integration and the projects status
  • quick fixes for remote code analysis results
  • remote analysis of the project code duplicates and viewing code duplicates in IntelliJ IDEA

The plugin is available at TeamCity’s My Settings and Tools page, TeamCity Add-ons area.

Get your copy of TeamCity 2.0 beta version at:

As usual you can have a look at the new features on our demo server, and as usual no installation or configuration is required.

We would really appreciate your comments and opinions which can help us a lot especially before the release.

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