IntelliJ IDEA Just Works

Sebastiano Pilla wrote a very interesting article about his experiences with the top four IDEs. After testing each one according to his criteria, his pick was IntelliJ IDEA:

“IDEA simply worked without getting in my way with arbitrary limitations. Where it shines is in the editor, the configurability and the speed at which everything operates: in a “shopping list” of features it might lose to the others, but it wins because the implementation and the design feel more consistent to me.”

The lesson is clear. Comparing IDEs by simple feature lists won’t necessarily find you the best IDE. You need to actually try it to be sure it will be right for you. Look for an IDE that boosts your productivity by doing what you expect it to do without getting in the way, i.e. it ‘just works’. A feature list might tell you a feature is there, but it won’t tell you how well it works.

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