Choosing a Development Tool: Matter of What?

There are many development tools in the world. For now, picking the right one that suits for anyone’s requirements is a complicated task. It’s not about the number of supported frameworks, servers or languages. It’s not even about the number of different features implemented in this or that tool. Picking the right tool is about how good it’s made. How all the features are glued together and integrated one with another, and what’s even more important – that you have to feel this tool is made for you. That is, how good you and the tool are getting along and how it lets you be more productive and effective.
You can read the agile developer blog post that also discusses whether a tool is worth the money it costs. By the way, the example he gives at the end of his article is really, really impressive.
Furthermore, the No Fluff Just Stuff Antology author, Neal Ford speaks about how effective IntelliJ IDEA is in his non-stop talking about IntelliJ. He also mentions that people who use IntelliJ IDEA are way more passionate about using their product and are always happy to share their experience.

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