IntelliJ IDEA Miscellany

Again here comes a pack of interesting links to browse through and have a break from the daily routine.

  • What really sets IntelliJ IDEA apart from any other IDE around is lots of tiny handy things that are always at your hand. This is one of the reasons why IntelliJ IDEA is that good.
  • If you’re working in a team, try the Shelve Changes feature of IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 Milestone 1. Read this story about how it helps merging code changes made by different team members.
  • I’ve made a small demo to show you the debugger interface improvements. Watch it live or download in archive.
  • If you’re having trouble hunting typos in your files, try SpellChecker plugin. It works well with the latest IntelliJ IDEA versions, despite all said on its home page. Though optimized to check java files, it can also handle HTML and JSP (you only have to select the entire file with CTRL+A).
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