IntelliJ IDEA: The Magnificent Seven

JetBrains is proud and happy to tell you that IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 is now available!

This release is focused on further upgrading performance, usability, and enhancing the user experience with the efficient support for new features, technologies, and tools.

Hibernate and Spring integration

  • Coding assistance with smart completion
  • Highlighting, code inspections and quick-fixes
  • Spring file set editor
  • Spring namespaces support
  • Spring AOP support with full coding assistance, quick fixes and navigation
  • Hibernate mapping structure view
  • Editable Hibernate entities relationship diagram
  • Hibernate/Spring-aware Refactorings
  • Tight Hibernate/Spring integration
  • And more…

New and improved support for multiple languages and technologies

  • EJB & JPA
  • JSP
  • HTML & CSS
  • XML
  • More advanced JavaScript (with basic Flex) support
  • Ruby/JRuby and Groovy development plugins to be released within coming weeks
  • Highly anticipated Web services support
  • And more…

New and innovative VCS features

  • Rational ClearCase integration
  • “Review incoming changes”, to raise awareness of team members’ activity
  • Ability to “shelve” local changes (temporarily remove modifications from code and restore them later)
  • Other important enhancements

Greater level of team cooperation

  • Tight, transparent Maven integration
  • Interoperability with Eclipse projects
  • Better TeamCity integration, with a dedicated tool window for reviewing inspections and duplicates reports right from the IDE

Numerous productivity-boosting features

  • New Java refactorings
  • A rich set of refactorings for XML
  • Around 50 new code inspections and quick-fixes
  • More flexible search options
  • And more…

Variety of other enhancements

  • New flexible and intuitive approach to configuring complex Enterprise Applications
  • Completely new debugger UI
  • Innovative visual Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM)
  • Top-notch performance
  • Enhanced usability
  • And much more!

To learn more about IntelliJ IDEA and download the latest build, go to

If you purchased version 6.0 on or after August 13, 2007, you are eligible to upgrade for free!

30-day full-featured evaluation is available at

To learn more about IntelliJ IDEA licensing, get your upgrade, or apply for a classroom or open source license, visit

Have even more pleasure developing with the Magnificent Seven!

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