JetGroovy and Ruby Plugins Released

We are glad to announce that recently released IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.2 is now beefed up with JetGroovy and Ruby plugins.
With JetGroovy, IntelliJ IDEA brings its award-winning, productivity-boosting features to Groovy and Grails and provides unsurpassed Groovy support in the Java IDE with:

  • Cross-language support, enabling you to develop applications both in Groovy and Java, with seamless support for all the features, and to compile your project in a single step
  • Built-in debugger, capable of working with both Groovy and Java code
  • Smart, context-sensitive, GDK-aware code completion with cross-resolution between Groovy and Java
  • Syntax highlighting, code formatting and folding
  • Error highlighting, including: unresolved classes, unresolved unqualified properties, incompatible type assignments, method calls and more
  • Auto-insertion of imports statements, parameter info, etc.
  • Refactorings, advanced navigation and views
  • GSP support, with Grails tags and inline Groovy coding assistance
  • Dedicated Visual Application Model editor for Grails
  • Automatic generators for Grails controllers, views, domain classes, jobs, script and more

Read more about JetGroovy plugin features and download it to try live.

Ruby developers will benefit from the complete range of productivity-boosting features brought by the final release of Ruby plugin:

  • Advanced coding assistance with smart code completion, including RHTML code completion
  • JRuby support, with coding assistance and navigation
  • Syntax highlighting, code formatting and folding
  • On-the-fly code inspections with error highlighting and one-click quick-fixes
  • TestUnit and RSpec test frameworks support
  • Ruby and Rails live and file templates plus intention actions
  • Refactorings, advanced navigation and views
  • Automatic generators for Rails skeletons, actions and Ruby access modifiers
  • Run configurations for Ruby and Rails applications, with various application servers support

Read more about Ruby plugin features and download it to try live.

Please note that both plugins support IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.2 and above. You can get them via the given links or IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Manager.

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