Announcing This Year’s IDEAL Plugins!

We’re glad to announce the winners of the 3rd JetBrains IDEAL Plugin Contest!
First of all we want to thank everyone who participated for their efforts and, of course, the plugins they have submitted. It was really exciting to examine every last submission. JetBrains staff, and especially the Contest Jury, had many pleasant and memorable moments reviewing and judging them all. The Contest Jury spent hours and hours in a sealed room, and we did our best keeping them in until every last prize was assigned.

Grand Prize and Second Prize

  1. Code Navigator by Frank Gerberding, Germany
    A hands-down number one this year.
  2. Code-Amnesia by Shmulik London, Israel
    When there’s a number one, there’s always a number two. It’s natural.

Five Honorable Mention Winners

All of these do stand out from the crowd.

Note: All of this year’s Honorable Mention winners receive equal prizes of USD 1,000. The five runner-ups following the Second Prize were all so close in merit that our jury decided to award 5 equal prizes. The monetary amount of the 3rd Prize, the Team Leader’s Choice, and the original Three Honorable Mention awards – plus USD 1,000 – were split evenly among them.
Also, this year’s special award titled The Most Addictive Plugin goes to Code Consultant by Nathan Voxland, USA. And by saying the most addictive, we mean it. Just try it and see for yourself :)
More detailed info about the contest, the rules, the winners, etc., can be found here:

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