Configuring Project for Flex I18n

Meet another fresh demo about IntelliJ IDEA Flex support. This time we’re showing how to quickly setup and configure a project for using Flex I18n. In this example we’re creating a multilingual Flex application with the use of advanced features like run-time locale switching.

You can watch this demo right now or download it for offline viewing as a zip archive.

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6 Responses to Configuring Project for Flex I18n

  1. If working with Flex and Maven (Flex Mojo plugin), just re-import your project after adding languages.
    Don’t spend time in trying to configure it for yourself.

  2. dongyang says:

    How to setup in version 12.1?

  3. Alexander Doroshko says:

    Flex/ActionScript project structure is significantly changed since that time [1]. But the main idea of this tutorial is still the same. Configure source roots for the Flash module, set locales at Compiler Options tab of the Flash build configuration (Project Structure dialog) and enjoy.

    • Colin Kershaw says:

      The important point for me from this video was that the actual resource folder needs to be marked as Sources, not its parent folder. For example, “en_US” is flagged as Sources, not “locale” for the folder structure:

      \–en_US (contains .properties files)

      This may save someone else a bit of time watching the entire video.

  4. Jake says:

    One issue I am having is that I cannot prioritize which language is put at the front of of the list. For example I have an app that is compiled for english and german. If someone from Brazil tries to use my app I’d like to have them get english by default but as it sits now they will get German. Is there any way to have english be the first in the list of localization priorities?

    • Jake says:

      I found a workaround.. which feels like a bit of a hack. So in the “compiler options” tab there is a field called “additional compiler options” which you can use to specify locale order. In the “Locales” option just set it to “en_US” but then in the “additional compiler options” field put in the following with the order of the languages you want:

      That will prioritize english over german in the language order. I hope we have a way to order localization prioritization in a future build.

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