Grails Project View

Do you like Grails? Maia will support a dedicated Grails Project View reflecting logical structure of your Grails Web applications. This view can be selected from the View as list at the top of Project tool window.

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  1. Geekycoder says:

    It’s great to see Intellij continue to innovate and improve on existing framework support.

    Is there any Maia’s roadmap ?
    Considering that Maia will be likely out next year, is there plan to include JavaFX and Android support ? The new mobile technology support is currently lacking in Intellij.

  2. Shponter says:

    That’s fantastic!
    But why does controllers icons look like pills? :)

  3. Jim COok says:

    Not just pills, but pills with a martini glass! Cool.

  4. cazacugmihai says:

    Thanks for the grails improvement!

  5. Al says:

    Pills…. It was codehaus inspired 😉

  6. Todd says:

    I guess this is nice, but I would prefer energy spent on Grails to be in these areas:

    1. groovy code navigation
    2. *useful* groovy code completion
    3. groovy and gant debugging

    This last one is a real PITA. Have you had the pleasure of building a grails app and then attempted to diagnose build errors? I have. This is where it all breaks down. With code navigation broken, it’s hard to trace thru all the gant build files, breakpoints may be triggered, but then you can’t step thru the code. And of course, groovy code completion yields a mishmash, nothing of which is what you might expect.

  7. Hi, Intellij guys…

    I am going to try Maia —

    What I’m hoping to see is:
    * complete refactoring support for Groovy –
    – ability to copy a class,
    – ability to move methods from one class to another.
    – ability to see the output of integration tests go to the console as the test is
    executing. It is a REAL PITA to only be able to see integration test
    output by going to test/reports directory after the fact.

    Thanks for all your good work so far supporting Groovy / grails

    – chris bedford
    build lackey @ large..

  8. Ashley says:

    Never mind for asking this question, what does Grails actually do. Is that a platform to make the projects?

  9. Dirk says:


    What does my project need to get this “Grails View?”.

    I have a grails project but it is not recognized as such. Up to version 8 it was possible to apply a grails facet. That option is gone now.

    The grails facet is also not auto detected.


  10. Brian says:

    Why are the grails views (.gsp) files not present in this view?
    And the same goes for the i18n files..

  11. Arek says:

    I have the same problem as Dirk. I cannot set the grails after I import grails project to Intellij 9. Creating a grails application from scratch doesn’t help. It doesn’t generate grails files in grails-app etc, just src folder. When I import a grails project with some views, controllers and domain classes it won’t even compile in Intellij.

  12. Arek says:

    Why double click doesn’t open a file in grails view? For example when I double-click on controller it shows a list of method, when I double-click on controller method it shows a corresponding view. I can open the view by double clicking on it but I don’t know how to open the controller. I figured out that I can right click and choose “Jump to Source” but it is not very convenient.

  13. Encinas says:

    Arek, I had the same issue. To open the controller I’m clicking at the top bar (the breadcrums).

  14. yull says:

    same problem as arek and dirk.
    how to enable that grails stuff in intellij?


  15. Hussain says:

    Having same problem as dirk … any solutions yet


  16. Mick Knutson says:

    How do I change the GRAILS_HOME in IDEA? I was asked when I created the project, but now I upgraded from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1

  17. arimus says:

    Had this problem even going back to old Idea builds. I was able to fix this by:

    Deleting the existing projects .idea, *.iml files.
    Create new project
    Import Grails App with Existing Sources
    Select JDK & Select Grails SDK
    Using 9.01 again

    Not ideal, since you lose project settings. However in my case, it was better than the alternative. I kept getting some CSS NPE errors in the newer build anyways.

  18. obet says:

    @arimus : thanks for your help..

  19. Hi ,

    My Problem is that I am using grails Weceem CMS Plugin .
    I want to combine Jsecurity plugin with this weceem cms plugin.
    how to do it ?

    Please help me to find the solution.


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