Flip Setter Call Intention Action in Maia

Two-way synchronization between different data models is a common routine task and often developers are stuck with manual copying of data from one model to another for many reasons: model complexity, impossibility to create a simple binding, etc. For example, we have a settings model and an UI to configure it. Traditional approach suggests implementing two methods:

  • Initializing UI from settings
  • Persisting changes from UI to settings

Next, we need to implement a method (say, saveSettings), similar to initUI where UI changes are persisted to the ProxySetting object — quite boring, isn’t it?

How to do it quicker than just writing from scratch? In Maia we’ll do it twice as easy: copy the body of initUI method to saveSettings, select the just pasted code and press Alt+Enter.
Then, select Flip Setter Call intention action and enjoy.

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