Selecting Target Player for Flex Applications

With Maia it’s easy to target a specific version of Flash player for your Flex/AIR applications. All you need is to specify it on the Flex Compiler Settings tab of a Flex module or facet:

With Flex SDK 3.2.0 or later you can target players of either version 9 or 10. Remember that version of playerglobal.swc library attached to module or facet SDK must match your target selection. Maia takes care of it by automatically changing SDK to an one that contains required library. If there is no such SDK, it will be created for you. By the way, a default Flex SDK name contains major version of target player:

AIR SDK name does not contain target player information because it does not include playerglobal.swc library, and airglobal.swc library does not vary from version.

Note: Changing a target player version for Flex module or facet may lead to changes it its SDK configuration and vice versa — if you change module or facet Flex SDK, it may affect the target player version settings.

In IntelliJ IDEA 8.x there is no special configuration setting for target player version, so to target a custom player version you need to change playerglobal.swc library attached to the used SDK manually (either <Flex SDK>/frameworks/libs/player/9/playerglobal.swc or <Flex SDK>/frameworks/libs/player/10/playerglobal.swc) and also to write Additional compiler option like -target-player=10

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