Developing Android Applications in Maia

Maia supports development of applications for Android operating system. To begin creating an Android application, open the File menu, click New Project, click Next, and then select Android Module type:

Now you need to create Android SDK — just specify its location folder and build target. IntelliJ IDEA will create a new global library for it (to which you can later attach sources or javadoc for better coding assistance).

For that you can either click View Classpath in the Android Facet configuration (which is automatically added to your module) or edit it just as any other library. Note that Android sources and javadoc are added automatically if they are located in default locations: <sdk dir>/src and <target dir>/src for source code and <sdk dir>/docs/reference and <target dir>/docs/reference for javadoc.

You can create Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers and Remote Interfaces (AIDL files) from popup menu (Alt+Insert). IntelliJ IDEA automatically registers them in an AndroidManifest.xml file and provides syntax highlighting for AIDL code.

To create a new Android Resource, select the res folder (or any of its specific child folders) and press Alt+Insert:

To launch an Android application you can either use an Android run configuration (created automatically when Create ‘Hello, World!’ project option is selected in Android Facet settings), or just press Ctrl+Shift+F10:

You can use external JARs in your application by just adding dependencies via Project Structure dialog, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S. Java module dependencies can be added in a similar way.

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