Groovy-related Configuration Changes

The next Maia EAP brings you massive changes in Groovy, Grails, Griffon, Gant & Gradle support, mostly affecting framework configuration.

First, Grails/Griffon application options are available when you create a project or a module:

You may also choose to import an application from existing sources:

Earlier, you needed Gant & Gradle in module dependencies to run build scripts — quite awkward, because the way you are building your project should not affect its classpath. Now, we have per-project settings for Gant & Gradle:

Also, you can now write Groovy code and get full coding assistance with compilation as long as you have Groovy jars anywhere in a module classpath. Together with the new compiler Resource patterns path constraints feature (/ – path separator; /**/ – any number of directories) this made Groovy facet obsolete. So, there is no Groovy facet anymore.

You can still add any Gr8 libraries to a module via Add Framework Support context action:

Everything you’ve just read about will be available in the next EAP.

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