Easy Import of Flex Builder Projects

This blog post is outdated. See tutorial: Import Flash Builder projects.


Maia Flex support evolves rapidly — now you can import Flex projects created in Adobe Flash Builder (formerly known as Adobe Flex Builder). Maia makes this process easy and convenient by automatically doing this:

  • Creating a new Java module with Flex facet
  • Configuring its content and source roots
  • Setting up Flex SDK attached to Flex facet
  • Adjusting module dependencies (SWC libraries)
  • Building Flex compiler configuration: output type (swf/swc), main class, output folder and file name, and other options.

The easiest way to do so is to click Open Project item on the File menu and select a .project file from a root folder of your Flash/Flex Builder project — just as with Eclipse project. Notice a different file icon, though.

If a project is under a workspace folder (see screenshot: sample_project is located in default Flex Builder workspace), the import is performed automatically. Otherwise, you will be prompted for its location (required to import your SDK settings).

Another way to import project is to use the New Project Wizard via New Project under File menu. Select Import project from external model, then at the next wizard step select Flash/Flex Builder. After that, you may pick a Flash/Flex Builder project directory or a .project file inside of it.

One more way of import assumes that you already have an open IntelliJ IDEA project — click New Module on the File menu, then select Import module from external model and pick a project to import in the same way as when creating a new project from external model.

Of course, there are more settings in Flash/Flex Builder project that you may want to import as well. You’re welcome to submit your feedback via our new issue tracker, YouTrack: http://jetbrains.net/tracker/issues/IDEA

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