PostgreSQL Dialect Support

Maia release is closing in, and yet we have not run out of useful features to announce. Next EAP brings you a long-awaited support of PostgreSQL dialect. Just as with all others, you can set it at project, folder, or individual file levels either via Project Settings section of Settings dialog, or by invoking a quick-fix on any error marker inside of an .sql file with Alt+Enter shortcut.

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4 Responses to PostgreSQL Dialect Support

  1. Mario Arias says:

    Great News:

    JetBrains totally rocks, BTW since what build we can enjoy this feature?

  2. Stephen Friedrich says:

    I don’t have any use for that, but it will sure help PostgreSQL users.

    However I would very much like to have _working_ support for Oracle.
    IIRC there are dozens of open items for that dialect (I wanted to post a link to those items, but I am clueless how to do that with your strange new issue tracker).
    I haven’t seen any recent progress in Oracle support and many of our sql files are “red” which is a pain because I try to mandate a policy of keeping all code green.

  3. Alexey Chmutov says:

    some kind of the support is present in 10781 build :)
    but next EAP provides complete version.

  4. Alexey Chmutov says:

    Oracle SQL is the most complicated dialect. So we still have much work to do on it.
    Yes, there are dozens of open items for that dialect, for this reason, Could you point most annoying ones? I’ll try to fix them at first instance.

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