New ActionScript/Flex Refactoring: Move Static Members

Next Maia’s EAP will bring you new refactoring that helps to be more productive when coding ActionScript or Flex.

Now you can easily move static methods, properties, fields and constants between AS classes and Mxml components: just place caret on a member (or a reference to it) and hit F6 (Move action).

Here you can:

  • Select a target class (manually or by browsing through the project). If you specify a non-existing class, it will be created on move.
  • Select members you want to move. When you select a member that is using another, the latter is highlighted with blue.
  • Change elements visibility. You can either specify it explicitly (private, internal, etc.), or select Escalate to automatically raise it to a necessary level so that all the references to the moved items are still valid.

If any conflicts occur (for example, members become inaccessible from certain call points after move), a warning is shown.

You may click Show in view to show the problems in Conflicts view or hit Continue to ignore them and do the refactoring.

This refactoring also takes care about members’ ASDoc (if there’s any).

Refactor with pleasure!

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