Live Templates in JavaScript/ActionScript/Flex

Writing JavaScript/ActionScript/Flex code becomes easier with IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.2. New set of live templates (see Settings dialog (Ctrl+Alt+S), Live Templates, JavaScript/ActionScript group), allows to avoid tedious typing when you need to define a function, variable or constant, to loop over an Array, Vector or anything else. Luckily, some abbreviations are the same as with Java: iter, itar, ritar. Here’s the list of currently available live templates:

Abbreviation Description
iter Iterate (for each..in)
itin Iterate (for..in)
itar Iterate elements of array
ritar Iterate elements of array in reverse order
pf public function
prf private function
psf public static function
prsf private static function
pv public var
prv private var
psv public static var
prsv private static var
pc public const
prc private const
psc public static const
prsc private static const

To use a live template, just type its abbreviation anywhere in your code and press Tab. Here are some examples:

Ctrl+J shortcut shows you all live templates available for current context.

Also you may add your own live templates at Settings (Ctrl+Alt+S), Live Templates page.

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