JBoss jBPM visual designer plugin


We are glad to announce the first release of JBoss jBPM plugin with:

  • Visual designer for jpdl files with DnD, usages search, rename and inplace editing
  • Completion, navigation, refactorings and highlighting inside jpdl xml editor
  • Links to processes from class files
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    11 Responses to JBoss jBPM visual designer plugin

    1. Hussein Baghdadi says:

      March 5, 2010

      Seriously, you have to stop.
      You are killing the other IDEs 🙂
      Keep the rock work.

    2. Craig says:

      March 6, 2010

      Great work!! Does this mean we will get drools soon too?

      Also to avoid multiple posting, the context-params and maven work will help greatly too!

    3. lzap says:

      March 6, 2010

      Very nice! Please enter EI domain as soon as possible. Its tooling state is worse than terrible. And I know what am talking about…

    4. wu says:

      March 8, 2010

      juhu, the main reason to use Eclipse/JBoss Tools in the company is just one step closer to be meaningless.
      Drools support will quiten those eclipse-fans here!

    5. qdlt says:

      July 25, 2010

      this sucks 🙁
      the plugin does not work at all. idea will download and install it, but clicking on a jpd file brings only the XML editor. There are no jbpm functionalities whatsoever (Idea 9.0.2). When will this be fixed?

    6. Sven says:

      August 10, 2010

      Hi there,

      having the same poor experience like qdlt with 9.0.3 Ultimate.
      Will this Plugin be fixed anytime soon???


    7. arorap says:

      November 29, 2011


      I have successfully installed the plugin. However unable to view any designer tab in any xml file and also in .bpmn file so I cannot edit and create any jbpm(with Idea 10.0.2).
      Can you pls assist.


    8. Brian Schroeder says:

      March 31, 2014

      Will you ever upgrade this to JBPM 5.0 or make it usable in newer version of IntelliJ????

    9. Zulfy Adhie says:

      August 26, 2014


      Any update for this plug in ? I need the plugin that support jbpm 6.1 on intellij idea 13


      • Rajesh M D says:

        June 28, 2016

        Any update?!

    10. william simons says:

      October 3, 2014

      This question should have been answered a long time ago, and it should have been done in your latest version. For example I will love to use spring groovy over grails
      jbpm 6 in one core environment. Do you really want to be the leader in the industry?? Please answer this question Yes or No


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