Python plugin for Intellij IDEA X is now available

Just a quick heads-up: we’ve published an updated version of the Python plugin for Intellij IDEA X (it requires the build 96.974 released today). The plugin includes all the latest Python support features which were previously available only in PyCharm EAP and beta builds (see the PyCharm blog for more details on the new functionality).

You can install the plugin as usual, via Settings | Plugins or from the Python plugin Web page.

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7 Responses to Python plugin for Intellij IDEA X is now available

  1. Any ETA on when an updated Ruby plugin is going to be published?

  2. Michael says:

    I want a Python plugin for PHPStorm. This will be very useful

  3. yole says:

    I have no doubt that it would be very useful to get two products for the price of one, but we have no plans to support that. If you need to develop both PHP and Python in a single project, you can use IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate with Python and PHP plugins.

  4. Stefan says:

    Why is this plugin not loading properly in the community edition?
    Complains about a dependency on com.intellij.modules.ultimate

  5. yole says:

    The Python plugin is not supported with IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition. The reason is fairly obvious, and is called PyCharm.

  6. Stefan says:

    Ok. If you want me to buy a license for this please provide a useful message when I try to install the plugin, or hide it alltogether. This is not making me inclined to buy a license. It’s just making me grumpy

  7. Stefan says:

    @yole Sorry, disregard the last post. I misread your comment.

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