Tracing back changes in IDEA X

When diving into code details, the most common question would often be:

– Why does this line stay here?

When annotation doesn’t give the answer, jump into the change contents in one click:

(coming in next IntelliJ IDEA EAP)

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6 Responses to Tracing back changes in IDEA X

  1. J says:

    This is nice. But I would also really like a feature for viewing changes on a whole directory. That would be awesome!

  2. Stephen says:

    Great little feature! Can’t wait to try that.
    It was really too complicate before (invoking Show History, waiting (again), finding the revision and finally invoke the diff).

    IMHO IDEA X is the best start of a new major version so far (and I have been with IDEA since version 3): Lots and lots of small (and not so small) improvements, plus a noticeable performance boost – and all that without any important new bugs.

  3. Antonio says:

    Please, clarify!!

  4. Ian says:

    Please fix testNG so I can start testing idea x for you! :)

  5. leif says:

    May I j? A diff on a directory level should be like the total commander feature synchronize dirs. It should display which files are new, which are deleted, which are the same, and which differ. You should have the possibility to compare recursive. Regards Leif

  6. Rob Leland says:

    My experience is that really good commercial diff tools exist for about $30 – $50 US which covers about 5 years of significant functionality enhancements. It would be helpful if IJ added more hooks to use these tools.

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