New in 10.5: Spring 3.1 bean definition profiles

With the upcoming IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 you can try one of the most requested Spring 3.1 feature — environment profiles for application contexts.

1. Active profile names are shown in the top of text editor. Inactive profiles are grayed. Configuration errors and warnings (incorrect classes, properties, etc.) are shown for “active” and “inactive” profiles. “Resolve” problems are highlighted for active profiles only.

2. Active profile can be easily changed by clicking the “Change Profiles” link.

3. Usages search and rename refactoring work in xml configs, @Profile and java code.

Try these new features in the latest IntelliJ IDEA EAP build and let us know how they work for you.

As a side note, we encourage you to help us even more by allowing the IntelliJ IDEA usage statistics to be sent to us. If you had disabled it initially you can change your mind in IDE Settings | Usage Statistics. Thanks for your support!

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