New EAP build of IntelliJ IDEA 11 is available on 11.11.11!

New EAP build 110.365 of IntelliJ IDEA 11 is available for download, check out the complete release notes. Since we are approaching the release we are eagerly looking for your feedback in the issue tracker.

– Develop with pleasure!
IntelliJ IDEA Team

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7 Responses to New EAP build of IntelliJ IDEA 11 is available on 11.11.11!

  1. onkie says:

    The new build has TEMP-file errors by running on res/layout files.
    Thanks for jour EAP ;=)

  2. onkie says:

    update: layout temp files are “read only” and stored in project folder.

    Windows msg:
    Cannot save file:
    Failed to save to C:Users…..reslayoutmain.xml. No data were harmed. Attemt result left as C:Users…..reslayoutmain.xml___jb_bak____

    reslayoutmain.xml___jb_bak___:0: error: Resource entry main is already defined.
    reslayoutmain.xml:0: Originally defined here.
    reslayouttest.xml___jb_bak___:0: error: Resource entry test is already defined.
    reslayouttest.xml:0: Originally defined here.

  3. onkie says:

    version 110.187 re installed (110.356 not uninstalled).
    running 110.187, OK
    running 110.356 now running without error 😉

    O, i use the Community version.

  4. onkie says:

    with new layout file the same problem :(
    now using 110.187 and wait for new fersion

  5. Mihai says:

    @onkie: I also have this problem when saving file:

    Cannot Save File:
    Failed to save to D:PATHTOSOMEFILE.css. No data were harmed. Attempt result left at D:PATHTOSOMEFILE.css___jb_bak___

  6. tobi says:

    same to me.. will this be fixed in the next EAP, or should I go back to 10.5? Its almost impossible to work with..

  7. trespasserw says:

    @onkie your issue (layout files) should be fixed in the next EAP.
    @Mihai, tobi could you please file a bug in a tracker?

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