New in 11: Git log gets more power

The most exciting news for me is that now in forthcoming IntelliJ IDEA 11, we show Git revisions graph!

Now that IntelliJ IDEA can visualize commits links, we’ve added context actions to tag a commit, create (and checkout) new branch, and checkout a selected revision.

I want to specifically mention the highlight actions — now you can see what commits are in “ancestors subgraph” for a selected commit. By default, IntelliJ IDEA shows HEAD subgraph, i.e. you see what commits you have in your working tree now.

It is really convenient when you are checking what commits went into some tag (or branch).

To find any commit in git log (in already shown part), use the new “Goto Commit” action — type commit hash, or description fragment, or branch or tag name, and be navigated to it.

And, finally — when browsing history, sometimes you work with a set of commits and need to track this set.

Now you can mark commits by simply pressing Space and they get stared.

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