Early Access Program

Complete static methods and fields with the new IntelliJ IDEA 12 EAP build 122.29

Did you know how to quickly complete a static method call or a constant reference without writing the class name first? Just type some prefix and invoke Basic Code Completion (Ctrl+Space) twice (or Ctrl+Alt+Space once):

There are two problems though:

  1. The entire project is searched and there might be just plain too many completely unrelated suggestions, and it’s hard to search among them what you need.
  2. You may not remember the name of the member you want while knowing what it type should be.
Now we have a solution for these problems. It’s the plain old second SmartType Completion (Ctrl+Shift+Space). It now also scans the entire project for static methods and fields, but suggests only those whose type is suitable in the context:
This may be very handy with collection libraries like Guava:
You can try this in the new EAP: build 122.29. Of course, it contains other improvements as well: code completion has become faster in Java, Groovy extensions are now recognized in more cases, Extract Style refactoring for Android, etc. Simply download the build or “Check for updates” in the IDE itself.
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