Faster Find Usages with new EAP build 122.100 of IntelliJ IDEA 12

A new EAP build 122.100 of IntelliJ IDEA 12 has been released. Updated Find Usages action now starts searching usages without showing a modal options dialog. You can use old Find Usages as well enabling modal options with additional Control (or Command) modifier in a shortcut, e.g. Control + Alt + Shift + F7 on Windows.

You can find the complete list of changes in the build.

Download it or upgrade from within the IDE using the “Check for updates” feature.

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7 Responses to Faster Find Usages with new EAP build 122.100 of IntelliJ IDEA 12

  1. jtonic says:

    That’s a very useful feature I’ve missed… till Leda 122.100 😉

    Great job Idea Development Team

  2. Dima Yakovenko says:

    Is there the plugins written by Lohn Lindquist? If it is, it cool! :-)

  3. Stephen Friedrich says:

    Wow – that not just fast, that’s instantaneous!

    A major drawback for me: When trying to understand a framework, I often use “Find usages” with Scope set to “Project and Libraries”.

    How the heck do I do that now and get the result sent to the “Find” toolwindow?
    I’d like to navigate each usage with Ctrl-Alt-Up/Down to try and understand the code.

    I get the old “Find Usages” dialog with Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F7 and it even still has the checkbox “Open in new tab”, but it never sends the results to the toolwindow :-(

  4. Maxim Mossienko says:

    @Stephen we will fix that

  5. Mike says:

    Not a fan of this change. By default it deselects overriding methods, derived classes, etc. So it’s easy to be mislead into doing things like inlining methods that you think aren’t doing anything useful anymore, only to later discover that they were overridden in some cases and in fact are more complicated than you expected.

  6. Oleg says:

    Hi, this feature seems broken on Linux.
    Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F7 doesn’t work

    WTF, captcha eats my brain, and if I enter it incorrectly, this textbox becomes empty!

  7. Keegan says:

    To get it to work on Linux open up the settings->keymap and search for find usages. Then just map the Find Usages Settings… to a hotkey that works.

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