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Writing Plugins for IntelliJ IDEA Webinar

Great news for all IntelliJ IDEA plugin developers!

Join John Lindquist and author of the Go Lang plugin, Mihai Toader in the first of an ongoing series where we reach out to our community of expert plugin developers and ask them to share their experiences writing plugins for IntelliJ IDEA.

This free webinar will take place Thursday, October 18th at 15:00 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). Space is limited, so please register today.

We look forward to seeing you there and welcome your suggestions for upcoming series.

Born, raised and educated in Romania, Mihai has been an IntelliJ IDEA user for the last ten years and is the developer behind the Go Lang plugin. Two years ago while working at an Amazon subsidiary, he set out to create and intelligent IDE for and since that time, his Google Go IDE project ( has amassed a growing audience of users, fans and teammates.

Stay tuned.

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