Arrange Your Code Automatically with IntelliJ IDEA 12

You probably might have noticed that code always tends to be organized in a particular way. For instance, fields always go before methods, static fields go before instance fields and so forth. This is the easiest way to read your code.

Previously IntelliJ IDEA did not provide any native support for arranging code automatically. There was a third-party Rearranger plugin for Java language. Now we plan to bundle it into the IDE with native support for Java and other programming languages.

How to:

You can use either of the following ways to rearrange your code:
1. Call Rearrange code action explicitly.
2. Enable Rearrange entries in Code Reformat options.


Arrangement settings are available now in Code Style settings on a separate tab.


  • Allows you to keep getters and setters together
  • Allows you to group overridden methods by class and interface. For instance, your class implements MouseListener and KeyListener, so you want to keep your methods grouped by the interface where they are declared.
  • Keeps dependent methods together. For instance, service() method calls util() method, and you want to keep util() after service().
  • Defines elements order as a list of rules where every rules has a set of matchers like modifier or type. For example, a rule can be like type field and modifiers public, static and final.

Coming soon:

  • Better user interface in Arrangement settings.
  • Order elements alphabetically.
  • Name conditions like type field with name like ‘*weight.
  • Arrangement for ActionScript and XML.

The new feature is already available in the latest IntelliJ IDEA 12 EAP. Please feel free to share your feedback and submit bug reports in our issue tracker.

Keep you code arranged with pleasure!

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