IntelliJ IDEA 12.0.2 EAP Build 123.111 is Out

Hello everyone and welcome to the first IntelliJ IDEA EAP in 2013.

We’re very close to the upcoming IntelliJ IDEA 12.0.2 update and would like to get your feedback from one more preview build. There are some fixes for Darcula critical issues and a bunch of Retina icons for our Mac users.

Please download the build at IntelliJ IDEA 12 EAP page.

The full list of changes can be found in Release Notes.

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5 Responses to IntelliJ IDEA 12.0.2 EAP Build 123.111 is Out

  1. Alain Penders says:

    I just opened up IDEA-98607 – FlexUnit 0.9 not supported anymore. This issue exists in all IDEA 12 versions, includes 123.111.

  2. Alexey Danilov says:

    Really nice to see some tweaks in Dracula colors (dark red color in tips of the day is still hardly readable though) and – finally – customizable link color.

    Fingers crossed to have Play2 debugger fixed in the upcoming patch :)

  3. Cyrill says:

    Is it possible to upgrade EAP version to the final versions? In other words, when I updated to the latest EAP, is it possible to upgrade to 12.0.2 after the release was published?

  4. @Cyrill, of course. You will be informed about next EAP or major release and will be able to update.

  5. Chris says:

    Loving Idea 12, I hope we can see Haxe plugin issues in the release notes again 😉

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