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30 Days with IntelliJ IDEA. Editor Basics

As you remember last week we announced the plans to publish articles from the 30-day guide on getting started with IntelliJ IDEA. The first article was about the user interface. Today we would like to share with you one more article about the editor basics in IntelliJ IDEA.

Structural selection. A definite must-know

Did you know that IntelliJ IDEA provides an alternative way to select code? Structural selection allows you to select expressions based on grammar. By pressing Ctrl + W (Cmd + W for Mac) you keep expanding your selection (starting from the caret). And vice versa, you can shrink it by pressing Shift + Ctrl + W (Shift + Cmd + W for Mac).

Column selection

There are many users used to the column selection mode. Not everyone knows that this feature is available in IntelliJ IDEA. Column selection with mouse is available when you hold Alt. If you decide to use column selection by default, you can enable it via Edit → Column Selection Mode.

The complete article can be found here.

Stay tuned for more articles soon, and develop with Pleasure!

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