IntelliJ IDEA 13 Early Preview is Out

Today we have exciting news to share with all IntelliJ IDEA fans who eagerly wait for the new features to appear in their favorite IDE. Almost six months before the official release we are happy to announce the early preview of IntelliJ IDEA 13, codenamed Cardea, which scheduled for release in December of 2013.

We believe that making perfect tools for developers is only possible when listening to feedback from the community. That’s why we are very much looking to hear from everyone about IntelliJ IDEA 13.

Most of the new features in this preview are about Android development support, and cover the new functionality added in Android Studio. Of course, everyone will find something tailored especially to their needs:

Project Configuration

  • Support for importing the configuration of Android projects from build.gradle and building them through Gradle.

Code Editor

  • External annotations (nullability, @MagicConstant) for Android APIs.
  • Display of additional information (including drawable image) for drawable, dimension and string resources in the quick documentation view.
  • Support for gutter color annotations in Java files, as well as showing icon previews in the gutter of Java and XML files.
  • Folding of Android string resources in the Java editor to display the actual string value.
  • Support for running Android Lint checks on the fly in Java code.
  • Many new Lint checks.
  • Initial support for editing RenderScript code.

Layout Editor and Preview

  • Rendering performance improvements.
  • Support for multi-configuration layout preview.
  • Support for working with fragment resources.
  • Improved the UI for choosing device configurations.
  • Device frame rendering in the layout preview.
  • Double-clicking a component in the layout preview opens it in the layout editor.
  • Selection is synchronized between layout preview and editor.
  • Improved display of rendering errors with support for quickfixes.
  • Improved support for RelativeLayout.
  • Support for zooming and auto-zoom of views.
  • Additional selection actions in layout actions bar.
  • Support for control variations in the palette (e.g. multiple variations of TextField with different default settings).

Integrated Tools

  • Action to obtain a screenshot from the device.
  • Integrated 9-patch editor.
  • New UI for viewing the list of connected devices in the Android toolwindow.
  • Support for filtering by package name in logcat.

Also, if you want to take a look at the source code and the changes, we’ve opened a new repository browser for IntelliJ IDEA Community source code.

Feel free to share your feedback on our discussion forum and report bugs to the issue tracker.

Develop with Pleasure!

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124 Responses to IntelliJ IDEA 13 Early Preview is Out

  1. Yuri Trukhin says:

    Awesome, JetBrains!!!

  2. Filip says:

    This is the best news I have recently read. Great work JetBrains!

  3. sorry, but... says:

    any redesign refusing ugly idea 12 icon set?

  4. Tobi says:

    Thanks a lot!
    But it seems like the following doesn’t work anymore with Android:

    Ctrl+Click on Style tags in XML TextView, no definition found to go to..
    Refactoring name of styles doesn’t change code occurences.

    Will switch back to 12, hope these features will come again

  5. Arild Jacobsen says:

    I am super enthusiastic about this! I was watching the live feed from google i/o and was so pleased when I realized my favorite IDE developers were making an IDE that adresses my main two issues with Android development (which is my day-to-day job): layout previews and gradle integration. I was already using IntelliJ Ultimate, and somewhat pleased with the support for both there, but griping at YouTrack for better versions 😉 Consider me mollified. What the heck, consider me joyous!

  6. sesm says:

    > Also, if you want to take a look at the source code and the changes, we’ve opened a new repository browser for IntelliJ IDEA Community source code.

    Not working for me, both Firefox and Chromium go into endless redirect loop from to and vice versa.

    What about your github mirror? The logo has been updated, are the other changes in?

  7. Madis says:

    Congratulations on showing who’s the best IDE in the block! (Google moving from Eclipse to IDEA can be used as another argument on Eclipse vs IDEA topics around the web/real world).

    Also, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of upstream patches from G (not only for Android specific features).

  8. Tropper says:

    A bit offtopic: is Upsource just a Inhouse-Tool at Jetbrains or will it become a product in your portfolio? Because it looks really cool. :-)

  9. Madis says:

    @Tropper Upsource indeed looks really cool, specially the annotate feature.

  10. Alexander says:

    I downloaded and installed new Android Studio. But when I launch studio.exe nothing happens.

    Windows7 x64

  11. Tropper says:

    Hmmm, and know I’m a bit confused:

    So you joined forces with Google. That’s good! But: will “Android Studio” be a commercial product? Because when it’s free then it means I pay the development of a free product by buying the next update. Or am I missing something?

  12. Tropper says:

    Oh, I’m to stupid to read. Instead of

    “Most of the new features in this preview are about Android development support”
    I read
    “Most of the new features in this version are about Android development support”

    So: Nevermind and sorry for the fuzz. :-)

  13. Jim says:

    This is great news!

    I hope to see Scala on Android become a first class citizen via IntelliJ as well. One can only dream I suppose :)

  14. alien_roger says:

    Cool features for Android!!! Awesome!

  15. inaction says:

    Need android ndk Integration.

  16. Simen says:

    This is fantastic news!

    I squealed like a fangirl during the livestream yesterday when Android Studio was announced, then I come home and see this. Fantastic!

    One question, will ALL the features outlined here: be available in IDEA, as plugins or otherwise, or will I have to use Android Studio as well to have ALL the features available on the IntelliJ platfrom for Android? The only feature I could see after a quick overview mentioned by them but not by you are ProGuard capabilities, but still.

    Anyways, as I’ve said, this is fantastic news. Can’t wait to see where you’re going with this!

    (And I thought true C/C++ support in the next version was what’d get me the most excited)

  17. Simen says:

    Oh, and I just download this EAP (first time for me doing that). When I try to install it, it seems like it wants to uninstall my 12.1 installation.
    I don’t want that, as I’m sure there are plugins incompatibilities, and instabilities in ver. 13, but I’d REALLY like to try it out. Isn’t it possible to have them installed side by side?

    Windows 8 64-bit, if it matters :)

  18. Sardor Dushamov says:

    Very Good IDE for me!

  19. hesam says:

    IDEA on the edge of world 😉
    You are awesome….

  20. Erwin Dupont says:

    Is there some roadmap available?

  21. Eyal Shilony says:

    Now, just allow us to open individual files! 😀

  22. Hossein Amerkashi says:

    Seems like its unable to load Android plugin and when you try to load an existing Android project, it throws the following exception:

    com/android/builder/model/SourceProvider: com/android/builder/model/SourceProvider

  23. Averrin says:

    I use IDEA as PyCharm+WebStorm and never wrote any Java code. What features will usable for me as user of abstract IDE? Maybe ?

  24. Shawn says:

    Continue to improve scala support!

  25. vizh says:

    I’m waiting for 4 years… An impossible task for JetBrains?

  26. Dominik says:

    And when support for Java EE 7? JSF 2.2, etc.
    Java is not just Android

  27. Steve Frog says:

    It appears this bug is not part of 13. Can we please get IntellijIdeaRulezzz fixed and built before creating new IntelliJ versions?

  28. tester says:


    When will Intellij include Arquillian support in Intellij?
    This is becoming the main testing environment for enterprise Java code and Intellij has been left behind.

    For mobile app development HTML 5 and Javascript are being used by many companies successfully see & but Intellij has been left behind. While its true that in some cases, such as with Facebook the app needed to be native, in many cases a hybrid app is all you need.

    We hope Intellij will be a leader in these fields and support these technologies.

  29. Andrey Cheptsov says:

    @tester, actually sencha and cordova are html5-based engines. IntelliJ IDEA provides support for HTML5, and personally i was able to develop cordova applications from IntelliJ IDEA quite well. what exactly you lack from the support for these engines?

  30. Andrey Cheptsov says:

    @Dominik, Work on support for Java EE 7 is in the progress and we hope to show it in the nearest time!

  31. @Andrey Cheptsov says:

    that’s great.
    I have the Idea 12 Ultimate and it’s really great.
    Great job JetBrains

    You assume any promotions for update from 12 to 13?

  32. Dominik says:

    @Andrey Cheptsov

    that’s great.
    I have the Idea 12 Ultimate and it’s really great.
    Great job JetBrains

    You assume any promotions for update from 12 to 13?

  33. Bogdan says:

    Don’t you think it is too early to level-up version?

  34. Georgii says:

    Yaaaaaaahoooooooo!=))Now I am happy!

  35. Aleshin Vasily says:

    Common guys. Do not require that the IDE supported some other products like Arquillian and other. There tons of great products on market quite innovative and excited. For example there is no support for 7Bee build tool or lightweight web framework webbee. I think the IDE should provide good extension capabilities similar to Eclipse, so everyone could add support for own favorite product. My desire that the IDE was even smaller and lighter and discarded support of many stuff just providing mechanism of extension when you can install exactly what you need.

  36. Mat says:

    I’m considering buying IntelliJ (currently at v12) – will these changes be provided along the way or will there be any sort of upgrade program? Should I just wait until v13 launches?

  37. Chris says:

    I think I’m having a baby and JetBrains is the father!

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  38. Jeffrey says:

    I hope IDEA can support JDK 7 fully on Mac OSX. At present, it still shows i need to install JDK 6,even i have already installed JDK 7 that is official release by Oracle.

  39. AL says:

    The current Python plugin is not supported by this IDE. Any possibility of seeing it supported in the near future. Our code base has substantial amount of Python code, so the new IDE can’t be used/tested.


  40. Mohsen Afshin says:

    Thanks JetBrains, I switched from Elicpse to IntelliJ because of its IntelliJ”ent” behavior

  41. B1acksheep says:

    Same Problem here with Android

    com/android/builder/model/SourceProvider: com/android/builder/model/SourceProvider

    NoClassDefFoundError: update failed for AnAction with ID=AndroidConnectDebuggerAction: com/android/builder/model/SourceProvider

  42. Markus says:

    A proper update mechanism that does not require me to practically reinstall IDEA with every version would sure be nice too.

  43. Reno Natallino says:

    Really Nice… great works dev.
    Intellij Rocks.

  44. Mark Lacdao says:

    Im so excited!

  45. Adelar da Silva Queiróz says:


  46. Alexander Albul says:

    Please, continue working on Scala support. Currently, we have to use Maven instead of SBT because of pure SBT support in IDE’s

  47. bob says:

    The Windows EAP installer seems to insist on the removal of the current version. Shouldn’t an Alpha software build allow installation without forcing the removal of a stable build?

  48. Peter Fiscker says:

    More android support is amazing news!

    I also agree with Alexander. Scala support is #1 for me and my team. It is *the* reason we bought the IDE.

  49. Denis Tunovic says:

    I would like to see more OSGi support like Bndtools. That would be awesome. Now I need to hybrid between IntelliJ and Eclipse.

  50. Kajsa says:

    +1 for expanded Scala support

    The poor support for SBT was a deal breaker for us, too (on SBT vs Maven), so we’re stuck with Maven for now.

  51. Peter says:

    Continued Scala support is vital for our team!

    We’re also on Maven at the moment, due to poor support of SBT.

  52. Anton says:

    Scala support!

  53. quiz says:

    Google annonced gwt 2.6 in the end of the year and gwt 3.0 at Google I/O 2014. Will Intellij IDEA 13 support gwt 2.6? Do you plan to synchronize new release with gwt 3.0?

  54. Tomer says:


  55. frnx says:

    I’d love to see a better SBT support too! For now there’s a plugin that can run SBT tasks, but it would be great if it were integrated more closely, since you guys already support Scala!

  56. Cairo says:

    Add more clojure / clojurescript support please
    clojure and java love to mix

  57. Dawid Bielecki dawciobiel says:

    +1 for scala
    +1 for android

    Sofrware developer

  58. Jomy P Jose says:

    Awesome work Jetbrains. and Thankyou for your effort to make android development more eassier…………..

  59. Marcos says:

    Please, add more scala+android support. Scala IDE (eclipse plugin) just sucks, I switched to Android Studio and I’m happy with it (scala+android+maven) though it’s not perfect.

    Keep up the good work!.

  60. liushu says:

    why not support for mybatis/ibatis?

  61. Fero says:

    +1 Better SBT support
    +1 Better error reporting in Scala code

  62. Zzzz says:

    support lombok

  63. Olivier Refalo says:

    what about running IntelliJ with JDK 7 rather than 1.6 as on the screenshot?
    You would expect a software this quality to run with a JDK release 4 years ago, right ?

    Specially on osx.

  64. Will McQueen says:

    +1 Better Scala support
    +1 Sbt support

  65. Peter says:

    +1 for actually supporting OsX with JDK7. IDEA12 has hopeless font rendering problems (with both OpenJDK and OracleJDK).
    For a product that I pay money for I would expect FULL JDK7 (and 8!) support and not have to rely on JDK6 that is EOL.

  66. Kurt says:

    I also echo the cry for better Scala support and Scala-Android support.

  67. mborra says:

    +1 Scala
    +1 Android

  68. Sagie says:

    +1 Scala (please invest in fixing the watch functionality)

  69. Roger says:

    +1 scala support,
    Specifically improve the worksheets to work at least as well as the eclipse one (fast, direct evaluation etc.)

  70. Aaron says:

    +1 Scala

    IntelliJ is a great Scala IDE, but the false negatives and the poor SBT support are definitely things I’d like to see improved.

    Another mention should be the poorly updated tutorials and Blog posts from the Scala plugin team. That really needs an update because it throws new dev’s down the wrong road more often than it provides answers to common getting started questions. We’re past that now as a team, but it was really frustrating at first to read year-old posts and instructions about something as fast-moving as Scala.

    Simply put, Scala support is the reason my team went with IntelliJ. Please continue the leading support IntelliJ brings to the table.

    – Aaron

  71. Robin says:

    +1 continue Scala support

    This is the main reason I switched from Eclipse to Intellij

  72. Carl says:

    If that is a screen shot of the IntelliJ splash screen/start-up – please change it. It is hideous. The RubyMine splash/start-up screen; now that’s nice.

  73. Leopard Wang says:

    Great job!
    I’m new to IntelliJ IDEA, and I love it very very soon !
    Scala works well ,and I hope to see scala for android works,my English is very poor,but
    I really hope I made myself understood.

  74. Dominik says:

    NetBeans and Eclipse now supports Java EE 7 When can we expect the possibility of buying the upgrade to the Idea, which will support Java EE 7?

  75. Andrey Cheptsov says:

    @Dominik The support for Java EE 7 is coming in IntelliJ IDEA 13. The preview is already available now in IntelliJ IDEA 13 EAP.

  76. Dominik says:

    @Andrey Cheptso

    Ok, but

    I currently have Idea 12 and I had to uninstall it and use the EAP.
    Usually, the Idea is released at the end of the year so to upgrade to version 13, you have to wait until the end of the year, is it?

  77. Andrey Cheptsov says:

    @Dominik, you don’t have to uninstall IntelliJ IDEA 12 to use IJ 13 EAP. Yes, the public release of IJ 13 will be in December, so you have to wait. :-(

  78. Dominik says:

    @Andrey Cheptso

    And I can now use EAP for commercial projects?

  79. Dominik says:

    @Andrey Cheptsov


    When I start the installation IDEA 13 EAP installer asks me to choose how to uninstall the previous version (Idea 12). Is it possible to install 13 EAP without uninstalling the 12 EU?

  80. Kavimal says:

    Wow… Waiting for Dec ’13 …
    Thanx JetBrains 😉

  81. nelz says:

    There a problem in layout themes. I change it to dracula but it only change the editor not the whole IDE

  82. Yihang says:

    Dear JetBrian.
    I am very impressed for great power of Intellj IDEA!
    Hopefully more great version!

    IntelljIdea 12.1.4 has some bugs.
    1. When I import new projects, I can’t remove/add libraries manually in project setting.
    2. FrameLayout Preview issue.
    3. Sometime, I can’t open project setting window.
    After restarting, I can open that.
    4. Would you make let ddms runs on idea’s process?
    When ddms runs, Idea disconnected from ADB.
    Hopefully good resolve!

    I am sure, Intellj Idea13 will be prefect version!
    Thanks for your reading.

    Warm regards.

  83. Michal Gruca says:

    +1 for OSGi support

  84. bejton says:

    Can you add support to Subversion 1.8? I’ve problem with it.

  85. thomas says:

    I’m looking forward for java ee 7 support
    And maybe a generator for jpa facades in jee-apps (like in netbeans)
    CMP and BMP are not so important anymore.
    Thank you for your good work.

  86. aslag says:

    I switched from Eclipse because I desired Intellij’s superior vim support. I sorely miss Eclipse’s use of SWT: it’s snappy in Gnome, and the font rendering is beautiful. Intellij’s swing interface is clunkier, slower, and its font rendering is poor. I’ve stopped waiting for Oracle to fix JRE font rendering issues in Linux; I hope your company will see fit to find workarounds for JRE problems like this.

  87. Pooya says:

    IDEA is the best thing on world

  88. Saad HAFFAR says:

    Great. Good news

  89. Kumait says:

    Intellij IDEA is a great product for Android development.

    I have one issue with the interface designer which is Arabic font support, I hope this will be fixed in the next version

  90. Rael says:

    Arquillian support?

  91. Boris Rybalkin says:

    Idea code is not visible in Upsource:
    “Loading error: You do not have permission to access the requested resource”

    Tried loging to Usource
    1. Google login fails with message:
    Cannot authenticate. INVALID_SERVICE
    2. Password restore says:
    [object Object]

  92. Markus says:

    Intellij IDEA is great. And it would be twice better with friendly integration of Android and Scala!

  93. The project in Upsource was renamed, so the correct link is now

  94. Pooya says:

    Why we should wait until December ?

  95. Dominik says:

    Is it already known the date of release 13?

  96. Dominik says:

    Does LiveEdit will support JSF 2 *?

  97. Jason says:

    Let me chime in also on improved Scala support. I would love the worksheet to be as strong as that in Eclipse!

  98. li says:

    i think this feature list is not enough to release a new version. why not separate the android development part as a standalone product? and make the idea to be the fastest,most friendly pure Java IDE

  99. Jacobus says:


    Scala cannot be an afterthought. Scala must be a first class citizen in Idea.

  100. Dominik says:

    When I create a JSF project with Maven, I can not add a server by add framework

  101. 大宝SOD says:


  102. Bhuwan says:

    I can’t wait for this version…

  103. Bhuwan says:

    I can’t wait for this version…
    Launch quickly

  104. Dominik says:

    When LiveEdit will support JSF 2.2 ?

    • Andrey Cheptsov says:

      It’s already supported, just use “Debug index.xhtml” action on the file or “with JavaScript debugger” checkbox in the run configuration.

    • Andrey Cheptsov says:

      But for now it works only when you have implicit URL mapping:

      Faces Servlet

  105. Dominik says:

    @Andrey Cheptsov

    I set “with JS debugger”

    On update action and On frame deactivation: Update classes and resources
    I run it in debug mode

    I also change web.xml to:

    Faces Servlet

    Faces Servlet


    If I change something in my xhtml file then i have to hit refresh i browser to see effect

  106. Dominik says:

    after the update of liveedit everything works great 😀
    Great work

  107. wilee says:

    IDEA13 debug mode is particularly slow, loss of memory.

  108. Phil says:

    We’re currently considering buying licenses of IntelliJ IDEA 12, but don’t want to get stuck with it once version 13 is released.

    Does Jetbrains offer a similar offer to when they released IDEA12?

    It would really suck having to wait until version 13 release for us to purchase the licenses.

  109. Tommy Svensson says:

    I want my toolbars back!!! The “toolbars are turned off by default” hints that it is actually possible to get them back. I’ve gone through every single setting and can find no way to get the toolbars back! My wildest imagination is not enough to comprehend why anyone would want to get rid of them! I want them back! PLEASE at least give me that option.

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