IntelliJ IDEA 13 RC3 is Out

This weekend is going to be interesting, because today we’ve published IntelliJ IDEA 13 RC3. This is really very last chance to share any feedback you may have. If nothing is seriously wrong with the RC3, it soon will have become IntelliJ IDEA 13.

The complete list of changes is, as always, in Release Notes.

Enjoy the weekend!

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38 Responses to IntelliJ IDEA 13 RC3 is Out

  1. allnightlong says:

    In one of eaps idea menu was integrated with ubuntu menu. I really liked that.
    But in the next eap that was returned. Why? I didn’t found any corresponding issue on youtrack.

  2. andreas says:

    The RC3 for MacOS X with the bundled JDK 7 still requires a JDK 6 to be present (MacOS X 10.9). Setting the JVMVersion to 1.7+ in the Info.plist does not help either. The same happens with the normal RC3 (without the bundled JDK).

    • Briggs says:

      FYI, it’s working for me. I am running RC3 and have the Info.Plist set to:

      I did get RC3 through the update though, not a clean image. I’ll try now with a new one and post back. Funny thing is now I am sidetracked as I am suppose to be doing a problem set for a job interview thing. hah.

    • Briggs says:

      Forget my last comment. You are correct. It requires JDK 6 for the initial execution. That sucks. Plus, changing the Plist is not going to be a solution. If they (Jetbrains) sign the application won’t it be a problem? I mean, we can’t update the Plist before it’s executed the first time (hence requiring jdk6) because it (OS X) will verify the signature of the application (which I just ran into that problem).

      The JDK 6 requirement has to go. It’s a dead product. It should not be an issue to require supported Java runtime.

      • Briggs says:

        Arrrgh. I installed the wrong one. Downloading again… I went to the wrong link.

        I’m sorry for all the noise here. Trying to rush to figure this out, and verify, so I can get back to my job interview. Hah. But, I want this fixed for the release if there is a problem. This is important to me too.

        Okay, grabbed the bundled one and yes it requires JDK 6. Blah.

        • Maxim Mossienko says:

          We are working on removing JDK6 dependency from JDK 7 bundled installer

          • Henrik says:

            Last time I checked, running IntelliJ IDEA 13 EAP with JDK7 resulted in buggy window handling when using multiple spaces & monitors on Mavericks.

            If I place tool windows on a different window that IDEA, it will jump back when I select a different app. This is not a problem in JDK6.

  3. Briggs says:

    I noticed the new RC3 release now pops up the full license dialog. This states that my license is not compatible with this product version. My license was purchased on 23 December 2012. The license states that it’s good for one year of upgrades. Is this currently not implemented? Or will I need to request a new license (if this release before my purchase date)?

    • Maxim Mossienko says:

      You will need new license for IntelliJ IDEA v.13
      Personal license bought last year qualifies for all upgrades for IntelliJ IDEA version 12, e.g. 12.1 . IntelliJ Idea 13 isn’t an upgrade to IntelliJ Idea 12

      • Briggs says:

        Doh, I understood that one wrong. Sorry about that. I thought there was a year thing. Must be the new license subscription model I got confused with.

      • Aiko Mastboom says:

        Confused now.
        Are you saying.. upgrading my current license will only give me a years worth of 12.x upgrades and fixes. And I have to get a full price new license to benefit from 13.x releases/updates/fixes?

        • Eugene Toporov says:

          Aiko, once you upgrade your existing license (at the cost of upgrade) you will switch to the new schema with yearly updates subscription. If will give you ALL updates during one year from the purchase date, no matter what version it is. I hope it answers your question.

          • Michael Geary says:

            I think there is some kind of problem with the licensing system for version 13 upgrades.

            I bought an IDEA 12 personal license on 2012-12-22, and I understand that it won’t work for IDEA 13. But the website won’t let me buy an *upgrade* to IDEA 13 either. When I enter my IDEA 12 license number on the IDEA 13 upgrade page, it says “We were unable to find any renew options for this license key. Please contact our sales team for clarifying.”

            I was under the impression that my IDEA 12 purchase would qualify me for upgrade pricing on IDEA 13. Did I misunderstand that, or perhaps is something broken on the website?

            I also bought a personal license to ReSharper at the same time as IDEA 12, and I was able to buy an upgrade to that license a day or two ago.

      • Meo says:

        I can see that the licence terms became a little bit confusing and contradictory.

        It says: “A Personal License can be used indefinitely, for the purchased version of the software.”

        but then:

        “Personal licenses purchased starting October, 30, 2013, include a 1-year upgrade subscription. The upgrade subscription qualifies for free upgrades to all new IntelliJ IDEA releases and unlimited access to technical support via e-mail. ”

        -it should say minor versions, like the previous licence terms did.

        • Briggs says:

          I think the new terms allow major version updates within th year. That is why it’s a subscription model, rather than a “current version + minor updates” license.

          The old way was usually if you bought a license and they updated to a new major release within the next 60-90 days, you were good. They usually mention it with the beta of a new major version.

          • Eugene Toporov says:

            Exactly, with the new terms you are entitled to ALL product updates released during your maintenance period (1 year), no matter what version.

  4. Fedor says:

    Just checked my good old (2 years of no auto complete joy!) IDEA-79276. Not fixed, but can’t find how to reopen. Added a comment.

  5. jaizkibel says:

    A lot of themes are gone in RC3. I’m missing the “Alloy Bedouin Theme”.
    Will it be back in the final release?

  6. Mike says:

    Presentation Mode Font Size Bug

    Usability Issue with Long Context Menus Overflowing Screen

    For IDEA-79937 a sort of grouping or editing the menu items
    (especially in the “Edit” menu) would be great.

  7. Briggs says:

    I should probably talk about this in the support/bug pages… But, I just noticed how degraded font rendering is when executing IntelliJ IDEA with JDK7. There is a huge difference in contrast. The fonts in JDK 7 seem to be ‘over anti-aliased’ where appear very dark and blurry. Also when executing with JDK 7, it seems that the color pallet is not the same. So, I do believe I will be running the app with JDK 6 for the foreseeable future, if I upgrade. At first I thought it was an IntelliJ 12 vs 13 issue, but it’s a JRE issue.

    Is there some sort of switch for the JDK/JRE we can set? I am guessing this has something to do with retina support (which I am running on a 27″ apple monitor, non-retina obviously).

    I’m going to go check the bug database.

    • Maxim Mossienko says:

      For you case please use IntelliJ IDEA’s original Mac dmg file with Apple Java 1.6

      • Briggs says:

        Yes, I am going to have to. I have seen this is an issue with JDK 7. Just about everyone (on OS X and it seems Linux) is going to have this issue. I don’t know about Retina displays, but I see there is some sort of issue with sub-pixel font rendering (antialiasing) in JDK 7. I’ve read issues about it in happening in Netbeans and other applications.

        Anyway… There was a bug already opened:

        Thanks, and have fun!

        • Mark Grimes says:

          You’re absolutely right. launching with JDK 7 looks horrible on a Late 2013 15″ Retina MacBook Pro. The text is too dim… The color contrast of Darcula is also much much darker. There’s far less clarity even at maximum brightness.

          So I too reverted back to Apple’s JDK 6 launcher.

  8. Brian Gordon says:

    If we’re complaining about outstanding bugs, it would be nice to have this one fixed..

  9. Ben says:

    Just tried loading RC3 (on a mac). The app hangs on the License dialog. The one titled “Enter IntelliJ IDEA License”. Can’t interact with dialog. Spinning beach ball of death appears. Any advice?


  10. Bijoy Thomas says:

    I just updated to the latest build for 13 and notice something weird. When I use the key Ctrl-P to show me the parameters for a HashMap, I see

    @Flow String key, @Flow String value

    All I’m doing is:
    Map hashMap = new HashMap();
    hashMap.put() // Hit Ctrl-P here

    What is this @Flow?

  11. Alex says:

    Since 2007 I was eagerly anticipating each next IDEA release and was first one to buy it… …but not this time. Annoying UI bugs that are in 12 are still in 13. The Android editor in 13 does not work with basic activities made in 12 showing “Rendering Problems, no render target selected” whatever that means. UI shows in some places. Dracula still has grey text on grey background elements. And not a single feature that I would want to buy a new license for. Waiting for IDEA 14, hopefully it will be better. I am very disappointed with this year release. UnLucky 13 I guess.

  12. Rick Herrick says:

    I think I’ve found a bug in 13RC3 where stepping over a line of code is actually stepping out of the current method. Or at least that’s what’s happening to me in one particular circumstance. I haven’t had the chance to check this against my Windows install, but this is what’s happening on OS X:

    Known issue? Should I file a bug?

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