IntelliJ IDEA 13.0.1: Lucky Charm

If for some reason you haven’t yet downloaded the newest release of your favorite IDE, then today may be the lucky day.
Lucky amulet!
We’ve just rolled out a slightly better, updated version 13.0.1 that delivers a number of fixes and improvements. No need to cross your fingers anymore, better use them for typing code: this fresh update takes all worries away.

You can either download an all-in-one installer from our website, or, if you already have IntelliJ IDEA 13, simply patch it via the built-in updater.

Lucky 13? You bet it is!

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31 Responses to IntelliJ IDEA 13.0.1: Lucky Charm

  1. Lukasz says:

    Idea 13Ultimate offers only option to Download new version

    • Terence says:

      I got the same thing, and when I downloaded the latest 13.0.1 from the web site and ran it, it wanted to update itself to 13.0.1 with a slightly higher build number, which it did via a patch. That might be why it doesn’t want to patch properly.

  2. Terence says:

    Is there a trick to reporting a bug and actually getting it fixed?

  3. winspear says:

    ‘Find Usages’ keyboard shortcut doesn’t work in mac for 13.0.1 :-(

  4. I concur, patch option is not offered by my IDEA 13.0 ultimate. In my case I installed IDEA as a user (not as admin), not sure if this has an effect, but I do have full write permissions to IDEA install folder as user running IDEA.

  5. Maciej M says:

    Which build number is valid 133.330 or 133.331 ?

  6. Yoav says:

    Community edition 13.0.1 patch file seems corrupted.
    Size should be 4MB according to update info.
    However, jetbrains.patch.jar.idea is only 410KB (680 uncompressed)

    After installation, and restart, version stays 13.0 and update keeps being available.

  7. jtonic says:

    There is no option to update from 13.0 to 13.0.1

    The update mechanism is so annoying.


    • Maxim Mossienko says:

      What is your build number and update channel?

      • Alex says:

        Same issue here. Build number is ‘IU-133.193’, update channel set to ‘Early Access Program’. Update window pops up but only offers regular ‘Download’ button (which takes me to the website), but no “Install Patch” option.


  8. Integration in Ubuntu is not good, could make a plugin to integrate the application menu in the panel of Ubuntu (Unity) in the applet appmenu (dbus)? can be guided to the NetBeans plugin. Thank you!

  9. Peter Klyushkin says:

    Be careful with upgrade if you’re using Python plugin in Ultimate version! After restart I could not edit any source files:
    * Enter key doesn’t work at all
    * Undo doesn’t work
    * No code navigation (Ctrl+B, Ctrl+Alt+B, Ctrl+mouse click)

    SOLUTION: Disabling Python plugin and restarting the IDE brings it back into usable state.

  10. jamesp says:

    Updated to 13.0.1 and now the IDE doesn’t see some of my gradle dependencies… very annoying as I’m on a tight deadline

  11. t says:

    Introduced new bug , on Linux Debian 7 , after updating from version 13.0 -> 13.01 ,
    shortcuts like ctrl + w and paranthese highlightion is no longer working . Please fix it guys.

  12. Ihor says:

    Look at the error:
    Gradle ‘Library AppProject’ project refresh failed:
    Cause: java.util.ArrayList cannot be cast to java.util.Map

    I understand IDEA 13 is not compatible with Android Gradle plugin 0.7.1 ?

  13. Stefan Reich says:

    IDEA has suddenly gotten a LOT slower today, especially during startup. Start-up seems to take around a minute now which is really slow.

    Today I also upgraded to IDEA 13.0.1. Coincidence? You tell me. I want it to start fast again!

  14. Dmitry says:

    What about “java.util.ArrayList cannot be cast to java.util.Map” error when importing gradle project?

  15. Jon says:

    I downloaded 133.331 and ran ok in ubuntu, but then it wanted to upgrade the scala plugin. Won’t even start after that. I have not had time to play with much, but still disapointing update.

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