Faster Navigation with IntelliJ IDEA 13

As you already know, the Navigate actions is the fastest way to find anything you need: classes, files, or even symbols. Just start typing the search expression, and IntelliJ IDEA displays the cleverly arranged list of suggestions that you can then very quickly narrow down, and in moments of time make the final jump to what you’ve been looking for. Now, you may think it’s absolutely impossible to make navigation even faster than this, but when we say “Better performance“, we’re not just making an empty promise.

You might have noticed that in IntelliJ IDEA 13 the Navigate actions are much more responsive and provide the almost instantaneous response, displaying suggestion lists almost instantly. Well, if you haven’t, then see for yourself:

IntelliJ IDEA 12:

IntelliJ IDEA 13:

Of course, it’s just a few hundred milliseconds here and there, but in the end it all provides a more responsive environment where your train of thought rolls smoother, and in the end you’re just less annoyed and more productive.

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