IntelliJ IDEA Receives Geek Choice 2014 Award from RebelLabs

RebelLabs is a technical community of passionate geeks and coders from ZeroTurnaround. They are famous for awesome productivity reports that have measured the popularity and feedback of various JVM languages, web frameworks, and developer tools for over 7 years to date.

Earlier this year RebelLabs have published a comprehensive 40-page guide helping Eclipse users understand why it’s worth migrating to IntelliJ IDEA, and providing sound advice on the process. This was followed by another exhaustive report on the Java tools and technologies market landscape.

Just a few days ago RebelLabs announced their own Geek Choice award for Java technologies that are most favored by modern developers. We’re excited to tell you that IntelliJ IDEA has won the Geek Choice 2014 award!


We are proud to receive this award and wish to thank RebelLabs, and of course, our dear users for their love and commitment. You rock!

Develop with Pleasure!

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