Java Annotated Monthly – December 2014

One of the reasons Java’s ecosystem is so healthy is the enormous variety of choice it provides, from development tools to runtime environments. Too much choice can often be puzzling, but equipped with the right information, choice is fundamentally empowering. Each month, we cover the latest news and announcements from around the Java community to help you make more informed decisions.



Project Jigsaw: Modular run-time images – The second major step in integrating Project Jigsaw in JDK 9, JEP 220 has now been released in an early access build. This release reorganizes the JDK to more closely resemble the JRE structure, paving the way for a full Java module system, while introducing some potentially breaking changes for Java development tools.


Spring Integration Java DSL 1.0 GA Released – Spring Integration’s new Java DSL is fully compatible with Java 8, allowing you to wire up Spring Integration Message Flows clearly and concisely with lambdas and annotations from the Spring Framework. No need for XML, now you can configure your Spring Integration app completely in Java.


Android Studio 1.0 – Android Studio has finally reached 1.0, and with its release, comes a host of new features for static analysis, code navigation, UI design, layout rendering, build assistance, improved documentation for the Android Gradle Plugin, debugging support, and much more. Join us in congratulating the Android Tools team on their successful release!

Introducing Visual Studio’s Emulator for Android – Microsoft recently announced the first preview of Visual Studio 2015, including a brand new, fast emulator for Android, which you can also use from within Android Studio. VS2015 also supports Apache Cordova, a WORA mobile application framework for Android. Join us in welcoming .NET developers to Android!

Java to Objective-C Translator and Runtime – J2ObjC for short, enables Java developers to transpile platform-independent application logic from Java to Objective-C, drastically reducing the amount of duplicate code to write and maintain across two languages and letting platform developers focus on optimizing platform-dependent code.


SpringOne2GX 2014 Talks – Sessions from this year’s SpringOne2GX conference are now available, be sure and check out Creating REST-ful, Hypermedia-based Micro-services with Spring Boot with Ben Hale, What’s New in Spring Data, Java 8 Language Capabilities with Venkat Subramaniam and Security for Microservices with Spring and OAuth2 with David Syer.

Stewardship: the Sobering Parts – In this presentation, Java language architect Brian Goetz sheds some light on the challenges and solutions of evolving a language with 10 million active developers. He describes their measured approach on topics like backwards compatibility, and gives us a look at the future of the Java platform, with plenty of concrete examples.

Two massive open online courses on Apache Spark – If you have never tried a MOOC before, there has never been a better time to start. One of the benefits of MOOCs is that with a wi-fi connection in Madagascar, you can access some of the finest education in the world. Sign up for Introduction to Big Data with Apache Spark or Scalable Machine Learning on edX today.

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