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What’s new for Plugin DevKit in IDEA 14

IntelliJ IDEA 14 comes with a number of nice little additions and improvements for plugin authors.


View→Quick Documentation is now available for extension points:

epquickdocNavigation, Completion and Rename Refactoring now also works for <depends>  “config-file” referencing optional plugin descriptors.

Test data navigation

Previously only available in Test Assistant plugin (required IDE built from sources),  support for @TestDataPath and @TestDataFile  has been merged into Plugin DevKit.

This allows smart navigation between plugin tests and their corresponding test data files.

navigatetestdataIt also works the other way around: use NavigateRelated Symbol to navigate from test data file to tests.

Last but not least, open related test data file(s) as well from failing tests right from jUnit toolwindow:


More Navigation

Navigate→Related Symbol now supports navigation from ExtensionPointName  declaration in code to its <extensionPoint>  definition in plugin.xml.

For inspections and intentions, open description.html  respectively before/after-file:


The following inspections have been added:

  • Use Couple instead of Pair
  • Use VirtualFile.equals
  • Postfix template Description Checker

“Component/Action not registered” inspection now correctly takes existing registration in optional plugin descriptors into account. Also some issues with extension point registration quickfixes have been resolved.

Please stay tuned for more improvements and let us know in Plugin Development forum about your wishes.

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