20 Years of Java — 20% OFF IntelliJ IDEA

As hard to believe as it is, the story you and we are a part of began 20 years ago, when Sun Microsystems announced Java on May 23, 1995. Today we look back on the journey we’ve made together, and it sure was an interesting and eventful one. Hurray to the Java community, to all who helped this history happen and become real!

As Java turns 20, we invite you to celebrate the anniversary with us. To make it more fun, we’ve come up with a series of humorous cartoons illustrating the Java timeline up to this day. DISCLAIMER: All graphical characters appearing in the illustrations are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons is coincidental.

After reading the story, make sure to scroll down and look for a small gift we’ve prepared for you! Enjoy!

And that is not all. What’s a birthday without a gift? On this memorable occasion we’re giving every Java developer a small present: 20% OFF when you purchase a new personal license for IntelliJ IDEA. Hurry and get your license before May 31st! (If you already have one, share this discount with a friend who doesn’t!)


Let’s make Java happy, by using the best Java IDE!

Develop with Pleasure! 

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