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IntelliJ IDEA 15 EAP Improves Debugger and Git Support

To make the upcoming major release feature-rich, we keep adding new features almost every week.

Force Early Return in Java Debugger

The Java debugger in the new EAP build got a new action called Force Early Return. Now you can force the return from the current method without executing any more instructions from it:


If the method returns a value, you’ll have to specify it (smart code completion provided):


If the method has try-finally blocks, you’ll be able to choose whether to execute them or not:


Rebase Action in Git Branches Menu

Another improvement is the Rebase action, now available in the Branches menu on equal terms with Merge: supporting multiple roots, automatic stash/unstash and conflict resolve:


We hope you’ll find these two enhancements useful. Your feedback is always welcome. Share your impressions and concerns in the EAP discussion forum, and submit found reports to our issue tracker.

For a complete list of changes, check our the release notes.

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