IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2 EAP Adds Breadcrumb for Java

Fresh IntelliJ IEA 2016.2 EAP build is out and ready. Among the usual bugfixes it also brings something special: Breadcrumbs for Java code.

Until now breadcrumbs were only available in HTML and XML code, where they have proven to be super handy for tracking of the editing position as well as traversing the tag tree. Now breadcrumbs work for Java, too, where instead of tags they let you navigate through classes, lambda expressions and methods:

To enable this feature, go to SettingsEditor → General → Appearance and select Show breadcrumbs.

Your thoughts and impressions about this and any other changes are very welcome here in the comments, and, of course, in our issue tracker.

Develop with Pleasure!

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23 Responses to IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2 EAP Adds Breadcrumb for Java

  1. Alex Katlein says:

    This is awesome!
    I already tried it and being able to know where you are with just a glance has saved me a lot of time that I would have wasted scrolling up and down again 😀

  2. Davi says:

    This is such a nice feature, specially if you use Distraction free mode.

  3. someone says:

    Is kotlin also supported ?

  4. Simek says:

    Are there any plans for breadcrumbs in Scala?

  5. Arno nyhm says:

    To short the breadcrumps:


    anonymous CloumnInfo

    You can write:

    new ColumnInfo

    And instead:

    lambda Comparator

    You can write:

    -> Comparator

    Thats much shorter and match the syntax in code and not introduce new vocabulary

  6. Alexander says:

    Nice to read “Develop with pleasure” instead of “drive to develop”. Maybe eventually we will see better app icons

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Thank you Alexander! Glad you liked it. We, actually, never said the “pleasure” should disappear :)
      As to the icons, we’re definitely not going to stop at where we are now and some updates will surely happen.

  7. Sebastian says:

    May I ask what kind of font is used in the image where font ligature is shown :) Looks sweet tho.

  8. Przemek says:


    how could I change the breadcrumbs color for Java? I’m using my own color scheme and I couldn’t figure out which parts of my scheme are responsible for that (I was changing it before the breadcrumbs were available for Java and they looks pretty ugly now).


    • Andrey Cheptsov says:

      Currently it’s not possible but were working to fix that.

      • Przemek says:

        It would be great because on some schema this is not readable at all :) Is there a ticket where I could monitor the progress for this feature?

        Thanks for quick response!

  9. Zhiheng Lin says:

    Awesome! Are there any plans for breadcrumbs in CPP files? Looking forward that :-)

  10. Marco Gerardi says:

    I’m not super thrilled. Takes precious real estate on my laptop, and does not really benefit you if you try to keep your code readable and compact (like it should be). Guess it could come handy on some marginal cases, but I removed it by default.

  11. Haobo_X says:

    It would better if we can change the color of breadcrumb

  12. Red says:

    Is breadcrumb available for Groovy?

  13. Do Breadcrumbs work for C++ Code in AppCode?

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