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IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2 EAP Adds Breadcrumb for Java

Fresh IntelliJ IEA 2016.2 EAP build is out and ready. Among the usual bugfixes it also brings something special: Breadcrumbs for Java code. Until now breadcrumbs were only available in HTML and XML code, where they have proven to be super handy … Continue reading

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30 Days with IntelliJ IDEA. Navigation

This week brings a new article from the 30-day guide on the most tricky features of IntelliJ IDEA. Today we will talk about navigation, and how it helps you to faster switch between the pieces of code you are working … Continue reading

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Want more from IntelliJ IDEA? Press the same shortcut again!

Sometimes you invoke an action and you don’t get what you wanted immediately. In such cases it may help to invoke the action again by pressing the same shortcut. In basic code completion (Ctrl+Space) this will list non-imported classes: It … Continue reading

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Renewed File Structure in IntelliJ IDEA 11.1

We know that one of the most popular ways to navigate within a file is File Structure popup. We’ve recently redesigned it to make the navigation more comfortable. New File Structure is tree-based and shows everything in your file when … Continue reading

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Do you know where ‘Go To…’ can get you?

How often do you use ‘Go To Class/File/Symbol’ feature in IntelliJ IDEA? Pretty often I would guess. But do you know everything you can do with it? Let me go through a couple of often overlooked gems. Do you know … Continue reading

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Favorites tool-window in IntelliJ IDEA 11

When working with big projects we always come back to 10-20 items/files where we do the most of our work. IntelliJ IDEA helps you collecting all these items in one place — ‘Favorites’. It’s easy to add a file, a … Continue reading

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NavBar improvements in IntelliJ IDEA 11

We’ve slightly redesigned Navigation Bar and added some new sweet features. Watch this short demo for the details and a general overview of NavBar abilities.

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Better Spring with IntelliJ IDEA 10.5

Yes! The sunny Spring has finally come to St.Petersburg too. However, it’s not that “Spring” we want to talk now… We realize that many of you use the Spring framework in your every day work. So, many should be interested … Continue reading

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Grails: Quick navigation between actions and views

IntelliJ Idea X adds quick navigation for Grails actions and GSP pages. Whenever an action has a same-named view, IDEA creates a gutter icon opposite to the action name. Click that icon and the corresponding page is opened: As for … Continue reading

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Support for GWT ClientBundle and CssResource interfaces

If you use Client Bundle interface in a GWT application, you will enjoy an advanced navigation and coding assistance that IntelliJ IDEA 10 provides. ClientBundle methods will be marked with icons allowing you to quickly navigate to a corresponding resource: For … Continue reading

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