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IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3 EAP is Open

We’re excited to announce the opening of IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3 EAP, the Early Access Program for the update planned for this Autumn. Everyone is welcome to download the EAP build, give it a spin, and share their feedback with us through our tracker.


Read below about the major improvements in the EAP build.


Class-level watches

Now you can define watch expressions on the class level. These watches appear as extra fields of the class but their value is evaluated based on your expressions. An expression for class-level watches is defined in the context of the class.


Primitive type renderers

Now you can define custom Java Type Renderers for primitive types too, including arrays.


Memory view

With the help of the new JVM Debugger Memory View plugin you can explore objects in the JVM heap during a debug session.


When you’re stepping over the code, the Diff column shows you how the number of objects changes between debugger stops. A double click on a class name, opens a dialog with instances of this class.

Catch class filter

Now you can limit the scope for any Exception Breakpoint to a specific set of classes or packages where the exception is caught (via try-catch blocks).


Version control

Undo commit

Now you can undo your last change (that you haven’t yet pushed) in one click via the Log‘s context menu.


Restore and Delete tracked branch actions

Now, when you delete a local branch, you get a notification that lets you quickly undo it or delete the tracked remote branch too.


Sign-off commit

The Commit Changes dialog allows you to sign-off your commit. This may be a requirement for getting patches into some projects (including the Linux kernel).


Scope highlighting

Now every file shown in VCS dialogs and tool windows is highlighted with the color associated with the scope of the file.


User interface

Recent tests

Now you can press Ctrl+Shift+; (⌘⇧; for OS X) and get a popup with recent tests. The popup shows successful test configurations and failed individual tests. Press Enter to re-run the selected test or F4 to navigate to its declaration.


Find in path settings

The Find in Path dialog used to reset some of its settings if you called it from the Editor. This behaviour didn’t seem convenient so we changed it. Now the dialog always preserves previous settings independently of where you call it from.


Lambdas in Structure view

Now if you press Ctrl+L (⌘L for OS X) in the Structure view, it’ll show lambda expressions.


Some intentions became quick-fixes

Unlike intention actions, inspection quick-fixes can be applied to many files at once. We’ve chosen several intentions that may work better as quick-fixes and converted them: Lambda can be replaced with anonymous class and Diamond can be replaced with explicit type arguments to name a few.


Unused declaration options

Now you can manage the Unused declaration inspection by choosing which members to report.


Meta-annotations hierarchy

The Type Hierarchy view now works for meta-annotations as well.


JavaScript and CSS


Now, when you set JavaScript version to Flow, the IDE reports problems in the files annotated with “// @flow” on the fly.


Make sure you’ve specified the path where Flow is installed in SettingsLanguages & FrameworksJavaScriptFlow.

Rename in TypeScript

When you rename a method that overrides or implements another method, the IDE now offers to rename the base method too.


If you choose to rename the current method only, the IDE makes sure to rename all methods that override the current one.

Angular 2

Now you can quickly generate components, directives, services, and other blueprints by pressing Alt+Ins (⌘N for OS X) and choosing Angular CLI from the Generate popup.



IntelliJ IDEA now offers a plugin for PostCSS. The plugin provides code completion, formatting, navigation, inspections, rename refactoring, etc.


Grouping generated files

For more convenience, the Project tool window now groups generated files together with the source files: e.g. “.css“, “.css.map” and “.sass“; “.js“, “.js.map” and “.ts“; etc.

More changes are coming soon. Fresh EAP builds will be published at this page on a weekly basis. Stay tuned and spread the word!

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Develop with Pleasure!

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