Java Annotated Monthly – July 2017

The start of June brought the disappointing news that we’d have to wait longer for Java 9, so July and August news won’t be all about the big release.  However, there’s still plenty of Java 9 news, the usual handful of interesting Design and Architecture links, and this month a massive amount of Android and Kotlin news as we try to catch up with everything from Google I/O.


Java 9

We may be disappointed that Java 9 won’t be out this month, but we know that it takes time to create something that’s good for everyone.  At least the JCP EC has voted in favour of the updated Jigsaw spec, so it’s full steam ahead to the new September release date.

Java In General

Android (& Kotlin)

This Android section always ends up being a bit Kotlin-heavy.  It might surprise you to learn this isn’t a JetBrains bias, but represents the Android news feeds that go into creating this newsletter. It always leaves me with a bit of a quandary about whether Kotlin links belong in an Android, Kotlin, or JVM section, or if it even belongs in a “Java” newsletter at all, so expect (as usual) to find the Kotlin news boiled down to a minimum and spread around a bit.

Other JVM News & Links

There’s still some fallout from the Google I/O Kotlin announcement which I wanted to share, but to vaguely attempt to reduce the JetBrains-language-bias, I’ve specifically looked for and shared other interesting non-Java news.

Design and Architecture


It’s summertime! We’re not going to be at any more conferences in July and August.  Keep an eye out for the September conference rush.

And Finally

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