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Using Java 11 In Production: Important Things To Know

If you stay up to date on news from the Java community, you may have heard that Oracle have changed their support model for Java.  Some news is even suggesting that we now have to pay to use Java – … Continue reading

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Java 11 and IntelliJ IDEA

This week Java 11 was released! It feels like only yesterday that we was saying the same thing about Java 9. This new six monthly release cadence is a big change for the Java community, and a welcome one – … Continue reading

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Creating Multi-Release JAR Files in IntelliJ IDEA

One of the interesting features of Java 9 is support for Multi-Release JAR Files.  What does this mean?  In the past, library developers had three options when it came to supporting newer versions of Java:

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Real World Java 9

Last week we hosted a live webinar covering the features of Java 9 that are most interesting to developers.  The recording is available here for those who missed it, and we also wanted to take this opportunity to answer all those questions … Continue reading

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Java Annotated Monthly – October 2017

Java 9 is here! At long last. This month we have lots of Java 9 content, of course, but that’s actually not the only Big News: not only is Java EE 8 also now available, but we can look forward to a new … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3 EAP: Grouping modules according to their qualified names and more

Great news! The fresh IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3 EAP build is out! In this EAP build you will find notable features and very important bugfixes. Last week Java 9 was released, and it brings the module concept to the Java platform … Continue reading

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Java 9 and IntelliJ IDEA

Java 9 is released today, so let’s do a quick recap of the existing Java 9 support in IntelliJ IDEA, and have a peek at some of the upcoming features in IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3 for Java 9.  Java 9 has been fully … Continue reading

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Java Annotated Monthly – August 2017

​Here in Europe we’re well into the vacation season. July and August are usually quiet, but at JetBrains we’ve been working hard on a number of 2017.2 releases, including IntelliJ IDEA and Upsource, so this month’s Java Annotated includes links … Continue reading

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Support for Java 9 in IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2

As Java 9 continues to evolve, so does IntelliJ IDEA’s support for it. This screencast shows the new features to support Java 9 development in the upcoming IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2 release.   In the rest of this blog post we’ll break down … Continue reading

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Java Annotated Monthly – July 2017

The start of June brought the disappointing news that we’d have to wait longer for Java 9, so July and August news won’t be all about the big release.  However, there’s still plenty of Java 9 news, the usual handful of … Continue reading

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