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Webinar Recording: Why IntelliJ IDEA is the Premier IDE for Grails 3

Last Thursday we had a pleasure to host a live webinar with Jeff Scott Brown, the founder of the Grails framework. Jeff gave a comprehensive overview of the Grails 3 support in IntelliJ IDEA (both Community and Ultimate.)

In case you missed it, here’s a recording along with transcript of the Q&A session. Enjoy!

  • 5:19 Grails 2 vs Grails 3
  • 16:06 Demo of the Grails 3 support in IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition
  • 31:49 Intro into Grails 3 and IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate
  • 33:10 Demo of the Grails 3 support in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate
  • 47:09 5 reasons to use IntelliJ IDEA for Grails

During the webinar Jeff and I answered a number of questions, so I am posting their transcriptions here.

Can you recommend any good books on Grails 3 development?

Does IntelliJ IDEA offer coding assistance for the GORM methods, such as .list(), .where(), .save(), etc?

GORM, among other Grails concepts, is fully supported by IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate. Community Edition doesn’t include this. If you want this support in Community Edition, make sure your classes implement the corresponding traits explicitly.

How to enable auto-reload in IntelliJ IDEA?

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate supports auto-reload out of the box. In Community Edition, you have to manually add “-noverify“ to the VM options (to disable the bytecode verifier) in your Run Configuration.

What is the difference between GGTS and IntelliJ IDEA?

Currently the biggest difference is the dedicated support for Grails 3. AFAIK, Eclipse (GGTS) doesn’t support Grails 3.

How do I deploy a Grails 3 application to GlassFish?

Use the Grails command “grails war”, and then deploy it to GlassFish as a regular WAR file.

How to use Grails 3 along with GWT?

If we’re talking about simultaneously working with two separate applications in one IDE, then the best way to do that would be to use a multiple project Gradle build. If it’s about using GWT on top of Grails, check our the GWT Grails plugin.

Recommend a quick tutorial on GORM for a personal with SQL background

Check out the official GORM website.

Where can I get any help in migrating a Grails 2 project to Grails 3?

How is GORM MongoDB matured to use in production?

It’s really mature, but if you have any specific concerns, you can always contact the Grails team.

Does IntelliJ IDEA offer diagrams for Grails?

Yes, IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate offers diagrams for domain classes. To access diagrams, open the domain class, and switch to the Diagram tab in the bottom of the editor.

How can I use multiple datasources with Grails 3?

Check out the official documentation.

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